This is probably the most popular type of model purchased these days. The advances in battery technology mean models of any size can be accommodated and operated in a clean and mess free way.

The introduction of the Lithium ion (Li-Po) battery technology has had a lot to do with the explosion in electric models.

All you need is a suitable model, a battery pack (or two) and a charger. I would recommend you invest in a decent charger that will operate from the household mains electricity, for use at home, and from a 12V car battery, for while you are out and about. Ensure it will charge a range of batteries to ensure a bit of future proofing.

One problem with using Lithium Ion batteries is the potential hazard of fire or explosion if incorrectly charged or handled although this goes for all high energy batteries!

It must be ensured the packs are handled carefully so to avoid damage and must be charged only with a suitable charger set for the correct rating. Some people put the battery in a special fire proof bag when charging. As always when used correctly they are perfectly safe.

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