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This page will have information and advice on selecting a TV and other video components.

Well, OK I can save some time when it comes to selecting a new TV… Buy a screen which is larger than you think but remember the showrooms are large and your living room is not! Currently 55" is the most popular size but this seems to be increasing with each passing year.

These days this will almost certainly be LCD based with an LED backlight. When in the showroom look for screens with a wide viewing angle, where blacks look black but you can still see detail in dark sections of the image. If you really want the best images with inky blacks then an OLED screen is the one to go for. Some manufacturers try to make you think you are buying an OLED screen by calling their screens QLED, but these are just based on LED technology.

An OLED has no backlight as each pixel that makes up the screen is a light emitting diode. In an LCD each pixel just controls the amount of light passing through from the backlight. This means when an OLED pixel is off (black) there is no light but when an LED pixel is off some of the backlight can still get through. This is why black really is black on an OLED screen

Look for models with high refresh rates (200 Hz or above).

If you are considering adding a home theatre sound system then ensure there is ARC (Audio Return Channel) support on one HDMI connector!

If you have questions about TV, video and all associated products then why not post them on the the UK number one home entertainment tech community site: avforums

My best tip is if you can afford an OLED TV just buy one!

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