Razor CX

While shopping in the beautiful walled city of York I purchased a Century Models Razor CX 2.4G for a bit of back garden fun in the summer!
Just like all contra rotating helicopters it is very stable but due to its size it is strictly an outdoor helicopter.
Like all similar models it is not designed to be operated in windy conditions as this can lead to difficult control and broken blades!
It comes complete and ready to fly out of the box with radio , battery and charger for about £135. You can find the full 18 page User Handbook to download from the Manual page.

If you fancy a bit more of a challenge and want to fly in a bit more wind then the new Century UK Neon Blaze SE Flybarless model may be a good choice and costs about £200.

Century Razer CX 2.4G

TipsBefore you take off for the first time check that the swash plate is level in all directions when the cyclic stick is in the middle position. You can see how it should be level from the photos.

Some unscrupulous dealers alter one of the control rod lengths to cause the model to veer off in one direction upon takeoff. You then crash it and they can charge you for spare parts!

If the swash plate is not level then twist one of the ball links (after removing it from the ball) until the plate is level as indicated in the instruction manual.

Blaze Flybarless 500
CENTURY UK - Neon Blaze SE Flybarless

If you master the Razor CX then a move to a fly bar-less mode, such as the Neon Blaze SE or newer Blade 230s, may be worth trying as they will handle the windy conditions in the UK far more than a contra rotating model ever will. The removal of the fly bar helps keep the model stable by the use of electronics, which can operate much faster than the mechanics of the fly bar, and also means the mechanics are much simpler. The fly bar function has been taken over by a more complex form of gyro to stabilise the model.
Blade 230s
Blade 230s
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