Ikarus ECO 8

The ECO 8 from Ikarus was my second helicopter but my first electric model. I have used the Brushless motor option and aluminium swash plate to allow 120 degree E-CCPM with my JR X652 Transmitter, which I have since changed for the JR X3810.

Ikarus Eco 8 Electric RC Helicopter


I purchased my ECO 8 as a complete deal from The Model Shop, 88 Crossgates Road, Leeds (Tel. 01132 646117). It is based on the J. Perkins Distribution Ltd. deal in their New Items 2000 catalogue where you get: ECO 6 kit, Sanyo 9.6V 1900mAH battery, GWS PG-03 gyro, Speed EX charger, GWS 8ch 35Mhz FM Micro RX, Heli Sport Motor, Heli 4000 speed controller and four SuperTec Naro MAX/BB Servos. (List price £399, shop price £345) I asked the shop to replace the Heli Sport motor and Heli 4000 speed controller for the X250-4H brushless motor and V45 brushless speed controller. I already had a good charger, so swapped the one in the deal for the cost of the 120-degree aluminium swash plate. (I already had the JR XP652 TX.) They did the complete deal for about £430. They provided a free set-up service, during which they selected the 15-pinion gear for the motor. This gives me a flight time of about 8 to 10 minutes with the 8-cell 1900 mAH battery.

Tips & Hints

  • I found that you should not run the receiver aerial (if 35MHz) parallel to the tail boom! I had lots of glitches when it was fastened to the tail fin so I put it in a tube strapped to the RH under carriage legs and now I get no glitching (which caused the model to act as though the motor had stopped!).
  • Fit the glass fibre rotor blades! They make the ECO much better (more stable) to fly.
  • The auto hub is a good idea even if you can't do autos!
  • The aluminium swash plate is also a good idea as its more robust than the stock plastic part. (But if you have a TX which supports 90 degree CCPM mixing then use it till it breaks!)The ball links can be a very tight fit! Either sand the balls for a nice smooth free fit or use a ball link sizing tool to open them out. Any stiffness will lead to difficult control! (Not a good idea if you are trying to learn!)

Although still available, in a slightly different form, it has been completely overtaken by more modern 450 to 500 size replacements from other manufacturers. A Blade 500 is similar but a lot more expensive!
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