Parrot Mambo

Parrot have now left the consumer drone market so their products will be no longer available. Since support is not assured I can't recommend anyone buy one of these units.

The Parrot Mambo is a small drone designed to be flown indoors or outside in calm conditions. It has an accessory plug on the top which will accept add-ons, like a grabber, a cannon and an FPV camera. The four gold contacts for these accessories can be seen in the image below:
Parrot Mambo with Flypad
One interesting feature about this drone is the use of an ultrasound sensor and camera to help provide some flight stabilisation. You only have to press one button to start the model and make it hover about a metre in the air! No inputs are required and it stays in one place. If you press the button again it will descend and land, again without any user input! Not bad in a model costing £60 (or £70 with the Flypad)! I managed to get a package which included the FPV kit for £89, which included the FPV camera, goggles and additional battery. The kit already had the drone, Flypad, cannon and grabber accessories so was very good value.
Parrot Mission FPV bundle
The Mambo Mission box contents are shown below:
Kit contents of the Mambo Mission box
The mambo FPV box content is shown below:
Box contents of the mambo FPV kit
The stabilising ultrasound sensor can be seen on the drone underside as shown below:
Mambo Drone Underside View
Below is a picture with the FPV camera attached:
Mambo with FPV Camera Atatched


I did have a problem getting the camera and other accessories to work initially. I found this was due to not pressing them down hard enough to make a proper connection via the contact pins. You really do need to apply a lot of force to get them to engage correctly!
I advise to first ensure you have the battery inserted and then squeeze the accessory by placing both hands at either side of the drone and with your thumbs on the accessory and your fingers on the underside edge, squeeze hard with a slight rocking motion. If attached correctly it will be hard to pull it off!

If you don't find the accessory in the mobile phone controller application then you probably did not apply enough force!
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