Note: JR Radio (JR PRopo) ceased trading late in 2016. Therefore none of their products are available.

The ERGO 30 CCPM from JR was my first helicopter and is a very good, stable machine to learn on. Seems to have been over taken now by the Raptor 30 but is still solid and good value. I have it with an OS 32 engine and Vision Heading Hold 2000 Gyro. Again I give tips and settings, including programming for my JR transmitters.

JR Ergo 30 CCPM


I purchased my Ergo 30 CCPM as a complete deal from Model Shop Leeds, 88 Crossgates Road, Leeds (Tel. 01132 646117). They provided a full set up service after I built it which was much appreciated as this was my first introduction to model helicopters! At least I knew it could fly as they demonstrated it to me before I took it home! I used Great Planes Real Flight simulator for some practice before I worked up enough courage to try the real thing! So far I have not crashed it but then again I am not pushing myself too much! The model builds well and flies well and is a fairly stable model for beginners which needs few if any upgrades.

Hints & Tips

The following are useful tips for this model and in fact are applicable to many others!
  • Always grease the head damping rubbers with silicon grease! If not they soon become notchy and cause a low frequency wobble of the machine. Most notable if you have the training U/C fitted!
  • Either fit the decals to the tail tube or wrap insulation tape around the points where the tail rotor push rod clamps are fitted (and tail fin holder). If not they will slip around and cause the rod to bind!
  • Make sure the rotor main shaft slides in easily in the upper and lower bearing block. You may need to loosen the bearing block screws to ensure they are in line with the shaft. If not the shaft will wear rapidly as I found out!
  • Use some locking compound on the engine nut to stop it coming loose! (A piston locking tool helps you secure the nut tight.) Aligning the clutch to the bell by sight seems to be good enough! (This kit goes together well!)
The instruction manual for the Ergo 30 and other useful files are located on the manuals page and close up pictures on the Photos page.
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