Align AH-1

My latest project is to build a scale helicopter and I settled on the Align AH-1. I had looked at models using IC engines but decided the modern ‘clean’ way would be to go electric!
The optimum size seemed to be a 500 class helicopter as those less than this are just too twitchy and small and those above are expensive and require bigger battery packs which adds to the cost and difficulties in charging.

Align AH1 body

Align AH1 Dimensions

I purchased the T-Rex 500E Super Combo (KX017014) kit to go with this but had to also get the torque tube drive (HS0092) upgrade as this is required by this model.

I could not find the instruction manual for the AH-1 kit anywhere on line so I have uploaded a scanned copy for anyone who is interested.
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